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Airbrush Tattoo FAQ

Airbrush Tattoo FAQ

Q: Does it hurt to get Temporary Airbrush Tattoos?

A: This is one of our most commonly asked questions. The answer is no! If anything, it tickles a little.


Q: How long does a Temporary Airbrush Tattoo last?

A: Tribal Ink Temporary Airbrush Tattoos paints and inks are instant drying, water resistant, and last on average from a few days up to one week, or may be removed instantly with isopropyl alcohol. The duration of temporary airbrush tattoos depends mainly on how it is cared for and the airbrush customer’s skin type. Here are a few simple instructions to follow in order to maximize the duration of your Tribal Ink temporary airbrush tattoos.

Pat dry: After bathing or swimming
Powder: After bathing and throughout the day
Avoid: Direct contact with oils, lotions and soap
Remove: Apply rubbing alcohol or baby oil

For face: The designs applied with hybrid makeup last 1-2 days and are more easily removed with soap and warm water. Ease of removal makes hybrid makeup the natural choice for facial applications.

Q: What kind of temporary airbrush tattoo paint and inks do you use, and how safe is it for the skin?

A: We use Tribal Ink Premium Body Paints and inks are designed specifically for application to the skin and manufactured in the USA with FDA approved skin safe ingredients.
Tribal Ink Premium Body Paints and inks are instant drying, and can last up to a week or can be removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Tribal Ink Premium Body Paints and inks can be applied with equal success via airbrush or hand brush. We do not know of a single case where there has been an adverse skin reaction due to the use of Tribal Ink Premium Body Paints and inks. 

And for the face we uses professional high-definition hybrid makeup and tattoo inks and all products are FDA approved for use on human skin. We never use acrylic paint which has been known to cause allergic reactions.

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